Dec 5, 2016

For Immediate Release  [PDF Version]

Birmingham based OHenry’s Coffees has selected Vulcan Solar Power, another Birmingham company, to install a 15 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system at its roasting facility in West Homewood. The installation is scheduled to begin on December 7, 2016 and is expected to be fully operational within 2 weeks.

OHenry’s owner, Randy Adamy, stated, “It was surprising to us that our roof just happened to be facing in the perfect direction and at the right angle for solar panels. We are excited to be able to be more eco- friendly to the community that we have called home for over 23 years.” Adamy further added that “doing business with local Birmingham companies has always been important to us, and Vulcan Solar was a perfect fit.”

The solar energy system is just another step OHenry’s has taken towards sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. In addition to offering Fair Trade, Organic, and Shade Grown coffee and being the first company to purchase entire crops of coffee from small farmers in Colombia, OHenry’s can now claim to be the first coffee company in Alabama that uses solar energy to roast its coffee. But economics also played a big role in OHenry’s decision to install a solar energy system. “I also decided to install a solar energy system to make use of available technology to help run OHenry’s more effectively,” said Adamy. To that end, the system will save OHenry’s approximately $2,000 in the first year alone and is projected to pay for itself in less than 5 years.

“We are excited to partner with OHenry’s and help it meet its renewable energy goals while also generating a strong return on investment and reducing the company’s operating costs for the next 30+ years,” said Rob Ozols, CEO of Vulcan Solar. Vulcan Solar Power provides turnkey solar energy systems for homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits, and leading the installation is Vulcan Solar’s Senior Operations Manager, Steve Furze, who has over 6 years’ experience as a solar installation professional. Furze is certified at the highest national level, and has been a lead installer on hundreds of residential, commercial, and non-profit solar energy systems. There are substantial federal tax incentives currently available that can reduce the effective-cost of a solar installation by almost 50%, and with the price of solar panels dropping by over 30% the past year, “there’s never been a better time for businesses to install a solar energy system” says Ozols.

Vulcan Solar Power has been in business for less than 1 year but already has installed the first-ever solar energy system in Homewood and a 50 kW system at the UAB Campus Recreation Center, which is now the largest solar energy system in the greater Birmingham area. “The possibilities for solar energy in Alabama are almost endless,” says Ozols. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has designated Alabama “rooftop rich” in solar potential, but even if a company does not have a roof well-suited for solar, Vulcan Solar offers ground-mounted solar energy systems, solar awnings, and solar carports. “Simply stated, there is tremendous opportunity for Alabama businesses to use solar energy to reduce operating costs, achieve significant returns on investment, and meet corporate renewable energy objectives,” says Ozols. 


About OHenry’s Coffees:

A Birmingham institution for over 23 years, OHenry’s Coffees has expanded from its original coffee shop in Downtown Homewood to locations in Brookwood, Harbert Center, and Highlands Park, and this September OHenry’s expanded beyond Birmingham with a new location in Downtown Tuscaloosa. OHenry’s also operates its own coffee roasting facility in West Homewood called OHenry’s Coffee Roasting Company (OCRC), which is the wholesale and roasting side of OHenry's Coffees. OCRC’s philosophy is quite simple: source the very best beans at a price that benefits everyone along the supply chain. OCRC roasts from a long list of origins, blends, natural (Swiss Process) decafs, Fair Trade, Organic and Shade Grown coffees, and it offers a wide variety of flavored coffees. OCRC’s customers include other coffeehouses, specialty markets, bakeries and restaurants. While more locations and a much larger roasting business have developed over the years, what hasn’t changed is the legacy given to us so many years ago by OHenry’s founder, Dr. Henry Bright: a building is only as good as the foundation it was built on. For more information, please visit us at or on Facebook at


About Vulcan Solar Power:

Vulcan Solar Power covers the entire state of Alabama and offers turnkey solar energy systems for homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits. Vulcan Solar is a licensed General Contractor and Residential Homebuilder/Remodeler; as a result, Vulcan Solar is able to take on projects of any size and manage every aspect of the installation process, including system design, permitting, installation, and final interconnection. Vulcan Solar also is the only solar company in the greater Birmingham area providing solar energy systems installed by NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals (the industry gold standard). Choosing a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional will ensure that your solar energy system meets the highest industry standards for installation, performance, and safety. Vulcan Solar offers free consultation, site surveys, and quotes, and with solar being more reliable and affordable today than ever, Vulcan Solar hopes that more Alabamians will consider solar for their homes and businesses. For more information, please visit us at or on Facebook at



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